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"We contacted Miss Edie to go give an online workshop during our Happy Hour, have to say that Miss Edie has a great energy about her. The workshop was very dynamic, enthusiastic and fun, the time flew by, and we felt like we could listen to Miss Edie for hours and hours. Miss Edie was also pretty easy going to negotiate and make sure that the workshop was catered for our age group and philosophy. I highly recommend Miss Edie and can't wait to have her talking more about Astrology to our staff." 


-Jose Barros

Workplace Coordinator Dublin

"I have been following the channel quite some time and the feeling of how much it can resonate with me helped me at times when I was hesitant about someones approach towards me or uncertain if I made the right choice. It also brought me comfort when hearing your kind words and feeling your positive vibrations through the videos too."


-Edit L. 

Budapest, Hungary

"Every Tarot reading I have had with Miss Edie has brought me instant positive manifestations soon after. No matter what the angels have to say, whether a confirmation that I am on the right path, or a warning of caution for something in my surroundings, Miss Edie shares the message with genuine love, care, and encouragement. I am so grateful for each of our sessions! If you are looking for insight on any aspect of your life- career, relationships, love, finance, health, etc., I highly recommend Miss Edie Tarot. I trust that she will help you instill self-confidence and inspire you to accomplish all your desires."


-Jessica W. 

Founder of Trésor Kombucha

Ontario, Canada 

"With never having done a personal tarot card reading prior to this year, I've never given it much thought and the little thought I did give to it was the standard, skeptical, eye-brow raising outlook I assume a fair amount of people would have about the tarot card reading space. That all changed when I met Edith. Going through my own personal woes, Edie's card reading provided me with surprising, insightful accuracy. Her reading provided me clarity to the very issues that I was questioning in my life, and gave me something more than I could ever imagine, the path to make me whole and a relationship you couldn't find in two lifetimes. I can stand here today with immense pride, and give my stamp of approval that Miss Edie is your go-to person in the card reading industry. The Lebron James of tarot card reading (haha). You will never regret it."


-Dave C. 

University Student

Miami, Florida 

"Miss Edie has the most infectious raw energy that fills a room and finds a way to leap through a digital screen as well. Through her guidance I have been able to create a spiritual toolkit to help me create my own path and manifest my career. Her YouTube channel instantly resonated with me by the way that she uses her personality, humour, and radiant energy to connect with her audience, and her TikTok videos always seem to find me when I need them. Her book made me laugh and cry and think really hard about my own journey. She can do anything! Truly a renaissance woman!"

-Zoe G. 

Actor & Health Coach 

Toronto, Canada

"I was fortunate enough to win a half hour reading with Miss Edie. She's a very honest, up front person, especially when we go over the not-so-pleasant topics. Her insight, energy, and emotion shared throughout the reading is amazing, and it makes you feel more understood and at ease. I felt like I've known her for years <3 we connected right away. I will definitely be seeking out Miss Edie again in the near Future."

-Mildred N. 

Alaska, USA

"I have been following, listening, and building a spiritual relationship with Miss Edie for over a year now. I have greatly enjoyed watching her grow and come into her abilities. 

Her readings, when I need them are abSOULutely spot on! I love how she is quick to the point and uses many cards to explain what she is channeling. Thank you for your beautiful Soul!"

-Tiffany L.

Healer, Conscious Channeller



"I contacted Edie on Instagram and reached out to her due to a very bad attack that occurred. Within moments she was able to provide me with comfort. Her compassion in supporting me and giving me mental clarity has helped me overcome my anxieties. Because she was so helpful within those moments of messaging on Instagram, I booked two sessions with her because she kept blowing me away with her knowledge and words! There is something very comforting in getting a professional chart reading done. It is something that makes a whole lot of a difference when you seek someone like Edie. Not only does she take time in interpreting your chart but also provides you with such empowerment in who you are and what you're made to do. I believe everyone should invest in themselves and get a reading done with her!"

-Jen B.

Toronto, Canada


"I have always been a fan of everything Edith does and am constantly in awe of all that she is. From her infectious energy to her genuine heart, warmth, attentiveness and care for people’s wellbeing, she is a force to be reckoned with. A reading with Edith is a beautiful and rejuvenating journey of clarity, healing, growth and self love. The whole experience was so rewarding and you leave feeling very much at peace and understood. She is special and someone you can instantly connect with. If there’s one person I’d recommend to do a reading with, it’s her and trust me, you will not regret it! Thank you Edith for being a part of my life and sharing your beautiful soul. I am eternally grateful!"

-Maila N.

Health & Fitness Coach

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